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A learning and evaluation platform using MCQs, True/False, Fill in Blanks and short conceptual questions with answers. Has a search facility to find answers for questions, query or concept you face in university exams or job interviews.

Go Green

1 Lets favour papersless exams

2 How many trees would you save

2 Save energy and cost on printing

3 Use technology to ease your work

3 Save earth from erosion, floods ...

Exam Results Analysis

Evaluation Features

1 Birds view of exam stats

2 Secured exam paper with solution

3 Marks adjustment for Fill in Blanks

4 Short questions evaluation support

Exam Results Analysis

Exam Generation

1 Flexibile exam topic selection

2 Customize Exam time and marks

3 Exam generation in less than a minute

4 Set questions and classes of Exam

Exam Results Analysis

Exam Conduction

1 Automated quize conduction

2 Random question selection from exam

3 Teacher control questions visibility

4 On-spot results

Exam Results Analysis

Online Exam Support

How Subject Expert works?

can be
and then
with us.

1 Learn free Subject
2 Evaluate yourself
3 Search for answers
4 Sign Up
5 Login

6 View private questions
7 Subscribe to Classes
8 Give Exams
9 View Results
10 Upgrade to Teacher

11 Configure Subjects
12 Manage Topics
13 Manage Questions
14 Manage Classes
15 Conduct Exams
16 View/Print Reports
Note: Teacher can further propagate lots of other features to students.

Fig. Basic Flow

A Visitor can ...

  • Learn from free set of questions of public subjects
  • Register and subscribe to a subject to participate in topics and question bank
  • Easily search a concept for MCQs, T/F, Fill in Blanks and conceptual short questions

A Student can ...

  • Learn more about a subjects while studying its questions
  • Prepare for exams from organized and focused set of questions
  • Evaluate himself within one or more topics of a subject
  • Prepare for interviews using short conceptual questions against topics

A Teacher can ...

  • Manage his subjects and classes dynamically
  • Enforce learning by frequent and easy exams from students
  • Save a lot of time spend in preparing and then checking exams
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