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Introduction to Python for All, By Waleed Akbar

Useful References for Python

Lecture Slides for All, By Waleed Akbar

Environment Setup for All, By Waleed Akbar

  1. Install Phython
    • If you don't have python install then follow the following steps:
      1. Open https://www.python.org/downloads/
      2. Install with:
        • Add phython to PATH (environment) variable
        • Disable Path length of windows when installation complete
      3. Open CMD to ensure python is install by:
        • run "python" in command prompt. Ensure version number and exit with type and press "exit()" command.
  2. Create Virtual Environment: 
    1. Install "virtualenv" using pip by typing the command "pip install virtualenv" and press enter. 
    2. Select a folder for phython environment and then navigate to it in command prompt. e.g. "E:\Local Learning\Data Science" 
    3. Now run "vitualenv env" command.
    4. Activate the virtual environment by ".\env\Scripts\activate" command
  3. Install required package inside virtual envrironment
    • To install Jupyter use command "pip install jupyter"
  4. Run verification to ensure installtion is correct.

Your Fist Program for All, By Waleed Akbar

Lanuch Jupiter from Command Prompt

  1. Open Python environment in Command Prompt
  2. Type and Press enter command "jupyter notebook"
  3. This will launch the browser with notebook interface. 
    • You can switch the browser by copying URL and paster in another browser
      • Jupyter will ask for Login, Copy the token from command prompt as shown bold below 
      • http://localhost:8888/?token=e61c9b4254232f262ebf602f1a3db24964ccfb352432c6be
  4. Write the following code and then "Shift + Enter" to run the code.
    print("Hello World!")
  • To save your code Save it with: File > Download as >  Python(.py)
  • You can also use Visual Studio Code to work with python by installing its extention.


Introduction Evaluation

To earn PASS status, system is about to evaluate you using multiple choice questions (MCQs) and True/False type questions.

  • Make sure you have learned this lecture along with its topics and tutorials.
  • On first evaluation you get 100% marks on correct answer, then on 2nd you get 95% marks and so on.
  • Answer the questions with a gap NOT MORE THAN A MINUTE, Otherwise it will re-start.

I have read above instrucitons and ready for evaluation.
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