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  1. Students are auto-evaluated against related topics to ensure they learned it.

Differentiate Analysis and Design from OOAD with Visual Modeling evolution in software engineering

  1. Analysis And Design 
  2. Object Oriented Analysis and Designing 
  3. OOA/D Basic Concepts 
  4. Visual Modeling 
  5. UML 
  6. Unified Process 
  7. Iterative and Evolutionary Development 
  8. Benefits of Iterative and Evolutionary Development

Lab 03 Semester Project and Object Oriented Analysis for All, By Mukhtiar Zamin

This course need to be understood with the help of a semester project. Students need to select a semester project, build their team and setup a collaborative environment. 

  • A single page proposal of the project with group details 
  • Identify Major modules 
  • Stakeholder of the Software 
  • Find objects in your semester project 
  • Find the collaboration/relations among the objects based on a use case

Lab 04 Understanding UI Design in Java for All, By Mukhtiar Zamin

As per the direction of the Unified Process we start coding from day one. Therefore we learn some pre-requisite skills related to interface designing by drag/drop of controls on the forms in Netbeans IDE.


  • Understand common Interface Guidelines/Practices.
  • Create some common views for the module assigned to you in your semester project.
  • Utilize all the available controls the the Toolbox of the Netbeans IDE.

Best Practices for Designing an Interface

  1. Keep the interface simple. 
  2. Pay attention to patterns: By using familiar UI patterns, you will help your users feel at home.
  3. Every layout should have a clear purpose. 
  4. Consider the relationships between interface items on the form and structure them based on their importance. 
  5. Strategically use color and texture. 
  6. Use typography to create hierarchy and clarity.
  7. Make sure that the system communicates what’s happening.
  8. Think about the defaults.

Watch Inventors for All, By Mukhtiar Zamin

Grady Booch Reflects on UML 1.1


OOAD and Visual Modeling Evaluation

To earn PASS status, system is about to evaluate you using multiple choice questions (MCQs) and True/False type questions.

  • Make sure you have learned this lecture along with its topics and tutorials.
  • On first evaluation you get 100% marks on correct answer, then on 2nd you get 95% marks and so on.
  • Answer the questions with a gap NOT MORE THAN A MINUTE, Otherwise it will re-start.

I have read above instrucitons and ready for evaluation.
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