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To a green education platform that eases teaching, uplifts education quality, and leverages new trends of interactive, activity-based learning for the benefits of students, parents, and teaching organizations.

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Learn Interactively from Videos Enforces Collaborative Learning Pinpoints Learning Improvements
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Measures progress for students and classes Generate Decision Making Analytics Flourish Greenry in Education

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How Subject Expert works?

Provides progressive roles (Guest > Student > Parent > Teacher ...) with switching to any role e.g. Teacher is also a Parent and Student.

Easy role base help. e.g. Guest Help > Student Help > Parent Help > Teacher Help ...

Secure teaching contents with different visibility levels e.g. Public, Only for Registered Users, Only to Subject Students ... Only to Author.

Actions, Roles and Features

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Role As


You can:
  • Learn free courses
  • Search teaching contents
  • Coupon based Exams
  • Upgrade to Student role
  • Register
  • Login
  • ...


Student can:
  • Learn private/public courses
  • View hidden contents
  • Join/Leave Classes
  • Exams with Analytics
  • Diary and Tasks
  • Upgrade to Teacher role
  • ...


Parent/Guardian can:
  • Monitor his Kids learning
  • Avoid Parent Teacher Meetings
  • Be alerted on bad performance
  • Home work progress view
  • Involve in learning process
  • ...


Who can:
  • Manage courses
  • Manage classes
  • Ease physical teaching
  • Auto Assignments Marking
  • Enforce learning
  • Auto generate analytics
  • Collaborate on Contents
  • Auto mark assignments
  • ...


Note: We have a lot more features for every role, but will be explained progressively to avoid confusion.
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