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Discrete Structures

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Course Objectives

  • Understand the key concepts of Discrete Structures such as Sets, Permutations, Relations, Graphs, and Trees etc. 
  • Apply formal logic proofs and/or informal, but rigorous, logical reasoning to real problems, such as predicting the behavior of software or solving problems such as puzzles. 
  • Apply discrete structures into other computing problems such as formal specification, verification, databases, artificial intelligence, and cryptography. 
  • Differentiate various discrete structures and their relevance within the context of computer science, in the areas of data structures and algorithms, in particular.

Course Contents

Mathematical reasoning, propositional and predicate logic, rules of inference, proof by induction, proof by contraposition, proof by contradiction, proof by implication, set theory, relations, equivalence relations and partitions, partial orderings, recurrence relations, functions, mappings, function composition, inverse functions, recursive functions, Number Theory, sequences, series, counting, inclusion and exclusion principle, pigeonhole principle, permutations and combinations, elements of graph theory, planar graphs, graph coloring, euler graph, Hamiltonian path, rooted trees, traversals

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