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Fill in Blanks Questions for Android Events Handling

  • 1 Give the key app_name to the following string resource in string.xml file.
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
       <string _____name="app_name">myapplication</string>
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  • 2 Add 30dp text size for the text view below:
          android:text="Event Handling "
          android:_____textSize="30dp" />
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  • 3 You can check if the device is in touch mode by calling the View class’s _____isInTouchMode_____() method. View Answer

  • 4 For onClick() event, Its listener is _____OnClickListener()_____. View Answer

  • 5 When an event happens and we have registered an event listener for the event, the event listener calls the _____Event Handlers_____, which is the method that actually handles the event. View Answer

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