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Fill in Blanks Questions for Class Diagram

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  • 1 Dependency is illustrated with a _____dashed arrow line from the client to supplier in a class diagram View Answer

  • 2 Classes and interfaces are collectively called _____classifiers in class diagram. View Answer

  • 3 _____Stereotypes are shown with guillemots symbols such as «authorship». Represents a refinement of an existing modeling concept and is defined within a UML profile View Answer

  • 4 A _____method is shown in interaction diagrams, by the details and sequence of messages. View Answer

  • 5 An _____operation is not a method, It’s a declaration, with a name, parameters, return type, exceptions list, and possibly a set of constraints of pre-and post-conditions View Answer

  • 6 Domain Model is a conceptual perspective of an object oriented system while class diagram is its _____design perspective. View Answer

  • 7 The three common compartments in class diagram are classifier name, _____attributes, and _____operations View Answer

  • 8 _____Interface in the class diagram is shown with <<interface>> before the name of the class. View Answer

  • 9 _____Dependency in class diagram is shown by a dashed line with arrow at one end. View Answer

  • 10 A UML _____classifier is a model element that describes behavioral and structure features. View Answer

  • 11 While designing class diagram we collect classes and their methods/behavior mainly form _____interaction diagrams. View Answer

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