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Fill in Blanks Questions for HTML basic text formatting tags

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  • 1 The _____URL specifies the address (i.e., location) of the web page displayed in the browser window. View Answer

  • 2 Use the _____cite attribute on the < blockquote > element to indicate the source of the quote. View Answer

  • 3 Text inside a _____< blockquote > element is indented from the left and right edges of the surrounding text. View Answer

  • 4 The _____< hr / > element creates a horizontal rule across the page. View Answer

  • 5 The tag _____< pre > is used if you don ’ t want the text to wrap onto a new line when it reaches the edge of the browser, Or you don ’ t want it to ignore multiple spaces; and you want the line breaks where you put them. View Answer

  • 6 There are _____six levels of headings in HTML denoted by < hn> where n is a number from _____1 to _____6. View Answer

  • 7 All attributes are made up of two parts, the attribute ’ s _____name and its _____value, separated by an equal sign. View Answer

  • 8 The < title > element is a _____child of the < head> element, while the < head> element is the _____parent of the < title > element. View Answer

  • 9 A pair of tags and the content these include are known as an _____element View Answer

  • 10 _____Inline style gets highest priority than Internal and external defined styles. View Answer

  • 11 You use various parameters, called _____attributes, to configure many HTML tags. View Answer

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