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Open its course - Android Development

Multiple Choice Questions for Android Events Handling

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  • 1 Which of the following is a way to register the listener for an event?
    1. Using an Anonymous Inner Class
    2. Activity class implements the Listener interface.
    3. Using Layout file activity_main.xml to specify event handler directly.
    4. All of above
    5. None

  • 2 The ___________ is called when the user presses the key, releases the key, or any movement gesture on the screen.
    1. onTouch()
    2. OnTouchListener()
    3. onKey()
    4. OnFocusChangeListener()

  • 3 OnFocusChangeListener() is a listener for:
    1. onFocusChange()
    2. onKey()
    3. OnTouchListener()
    4. a & b
    5. b & c

  • 4 The ____________ is a process by which an Event Handler gets registered with an Event Listener so that the handler is called when the Event Listener fires the event.
    1. Event
    2. Event Registration
    3. Event Handler
    4. None

  • 5 An ___________ is an interface in the View class that contains a single callback method.
    1. Event Listeners
    2. Event Listeners Registration
    3. Event Handlers
    4. Context object

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