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Open its course - Database Systems

Multiple Choice Questions for Physical Database Design

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  • 1 Which step involves analyzing the transactions that will run on the database, choosing suitable file organizations based on this analysis, choosing indexes and, finally, estimating the disk space that will be required by the implementation.
    1. Step 3 of Physical Database Design
    2. Step 4 of Physical Database Design
    3. Step 5 of Physical Database Design
    4. None

  • 2 Number of options in the < select > element can be found by the property:
    1. No additional updates on adding indexed record
    2. No additional updates on updating indexed record
    3. Increases disk space
    4. No performance penalties

  • 3 Number of options in the < select > element can be found by the property:
    1. Primary indexing
    2. Clustering indexing
    3. Secondary indexing
    4. None

  • 4 During physical database design, the physical arrangement of data in a file into records and pages on secondary storage is called
    1. Data Organizaiton
    2. File Organization
    3. Database organization
    4. Information Management

  • 5 Attributes whose value can be found by examining the values of other attributes are known as _____?
    1. Derived Attributes
    2. Calculated Attributes
    3. Both a & b
    4. None

  • 6 A Data Flow Diagram (DFD) shows data moving about the enterprise and being stored in _____.
    1. database
    2. file system
    3. both above
    4. datastores

  • 7 Physical design must be tailored to a specific
    1. Database
    2. DBMS
    3. both of them
    4. non of them

  • 8 To display the standard price after increased by 10% for every product, we will multiply the price by:
    1. 10
    2. 1.1
    3. 10.1
    4. 1.01

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