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Open its course - Web Engineering

Multiple Choice Questions for Tables and Hyperlinks

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  • 1 Can we place another form inside a form?
    1. yes we can
    2. no we cann't
    3. in some cases
    4. depend on type

  • 2 Which one is a part of form controls:
    1. text boxes
    2. check boxes
    3. radio buttons
    4. all of above

  • 3 Onreset Attribute is used to
    1. Reset web page
    2. Reset and Clear all form values
    3. Only resets first value
    4. Ignores recent user action

  • 4 Placing another entire table inside a table cell, is called a
    1. Parent table
    2. Nested table
    3. Inner table
    4. Child table

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