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Short Questions for Non Functional Requirements in UP

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    Hidden Questions!

    Some short questions are not visible. Usually teachers hides their visibility if they are few in number. Subject Expert recommends them to have more than 70+ questions against the topic and make them public.

  • 1 List the options includes under the section support-ability.


    • Adaptability
    • Configurability
    • Implementation Constraints
    • Purchased Components.

  • 2 List elements of supplementary specifications?


    • Reports
    • Hardware and Software Constraints
    • Development constraints
    • Design and implementation constraints
    • Internationalization Concerns
    • Documentation, User manual, installation instruction etc.
    • Licensing information
    • Packaging
    • Standards (coding standards, safety, quality etc)
    • Physical Environment concerns
    • Operational concerns (Error handling, backup activities)
    • Application specific domain rules

  • 3 List the artifacts of other Requirements?


    • Supplementary Specifications
    • Glossary
    • Business rules
    • Vision

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