Computer Programming



Main Teacher: Mukhtiar Zamin
Cooperating Teachers: Mir Muhammad Suleman Sarwar, Sara Irum
Category: Computer Science
Created Date: 5/28/2015 7:30:48 AM
Last Modified: 12/21/2016 7:31:48 AM
  • Basic concepts of software and hardware, 
  • Practical use of computer, 
  • Basic concepts of computer programming, 
  • Computer and computer Program, 
CPU level execution of program, Overview of programming Language, Different Levels of Programming language, Basic Structure and Elements of C Program, Input and Output, Variables, Data Types, Data Type Conversions, Format Specifiers, Escape Sequences, Arithmetic Operators, Arithmetic Assignment Operators, Precedence of Operators, Loops, Conditional statements, functions, Arrays etc.

Recommended Books:

1.Turbo C Programming for the PC by Robert Lafore

2.Object Oriented Programming using C++ by IT Series

3.C How to Program 4th Edition by Dietel & Dietel

4.Introduction to Computers by Peter Norton


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