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1 Environment and OOPs By Mukhtiar Zamin


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In the first lab of OOSE, We introduce you to the following theoretical and practical aspects:

  • A career in software engineering, 
  • Adopting the hybrid education system, 
  • Environment Setup for OOSE and 
  • object-oriented programming concepts revision.

Lab Objectives

At the end of this lab, you should be able to:
  1. Understand the environment setup for learning OOSE that includes:
    • CASE Tools: R&D and setting up one on your machines
    • NetBeans IDE
    • MS Word along with setting up references and using headers
    • SQL Server or any other DBMS introduction
  2. OOPs Revision: Understand basic concepts implementation with a special focus on collaboration among the objects in class diagrams consisting of:
      • Association
      • Aggregation
      • Composition
      • Inheritance
      • Interfaces
      • Dependency
  3. Importance of Principles along with examples in Software Engineering
    • Model View Separation Principle along with its effects on creating new technologies
    • Program to interface rather than an implementation
    • Aggregation > Dependency Injection > Inversion of Control
  4. Adopting Hybrid Education System
    • Account Setup
    • Class Subscription
    • Interactive and Collaborative learning guidelines
  5. Software life: Deteriates Vs Frameworks 
  6. Stairs to Software Engineering 

Lab Tasks

  1. Search for at least 10 CASE tools and compare their features with starUML. 
  2. Install starUML and another CASE tool from your list. Suggest to us why should we replace starUML with your favorite tool.
  3. Find suitable examples and then code them for every type of collaboration among the objects i.e. Association, Aggregation, Composition, Inheritance, Interfaces and Dependency.


1 Environment and OOPs Evaluation

To earn PASS status, system is about to evaluate you using multiple choice questions (MCQs) and True/False type questions.

  • Make sure you have learned this lecture along with its topics and tutorials.
  • On first evaluation you get 100% marks on correct answer, then on 2nd you get 95% marks and so on.
  • Answer the questions with a gap NOT MORE THAN A MINUTE, Otherwise it will re-start.

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