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Fill in Blanks Questions for Functional Dependencies (FDs)

  • 1 Inference rules called _____Armstrong’s axioms_ can be used to identify a minimal set of functional dependencies from the set of all functional dependencies for a relation. View Answer

  • 2 Inference rules can be used to identify the set of all _____functional dependencies associated with a relation. This set can be very large for a given relation. View Answer

  • 3 One characteristic of functional dependency is a _____one-to-_____one_ relationship between the attribute(s) on the left-hand side (determinant) and those on the right-hand side of a functional dependency View Answer

  • 4 To find _____Functional Dependency it is important to distinguish clearly between the values held by an attribute at a given point in time and the set of all possible values that an attribute may hold at different times. View Answer

  • 5 _____Full Functional Dependency indicates that if A and B are attributes of a relation, B is fully functionally dependent on A if B is functionally dependent on A, but not on any subset of A. View Answer

  • 6 _____Determinant refers to the attribute, or group of attributes, on the left-hand side of the arrow of a functional dependency. View Answer

  • 7 A --> B is a _____partial dependency if there is some attribute that can be removed from A and yet the dependency still holds. View Answer

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