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Fill in Blanks Questions for Design Patterns

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  • 1 With the help of design patterns the software system and its _____architecture becomes more simple, maintainable, flexible and efficient. View Answer

  • 2 Gang of Four (GoF) design patterns is based on “Favor Composition over _____inheritance” object oriented principle. View Answer

  • 3 One major object oriented principle is “Program to an _____interface rather than implementation”. View Answer

  • 4 The gang of four scientist rely on the _____OO design principles. View Answer

  • 5 Program to an _____interface rather than implementation is a basic principle for design patterns. View Answer

  • 6 Design pattern names and makes explicit a higher-level structure which is not directly supported by a _____Programming language. View Answer

  • 7 Algorithms that are likely to change should be _____isolated. View Answer

  • 8 The GoF patterns rely on OO Design Principle favor _____composition over Inheritance View Answer

  • 9 Design patterns are _____not directly supported by the programming languages. View Answer

  • 10 _____Creational patterns category of design patterns provide a solution, as they abstract the instantiation process View Answer

  • 11 _____Structural category of design patterns deal with the composition of classes or objects. View Answer

  • 12 Classes that are _____tightly coupled are hard to reuse in isolation, since they depend on each other View Answer

  • 13 _____Design patterns capture the intent behind a design by identifying objects, collaborations and distribution of responsibilities View Answer

  • 14 _____Composition is good but the end/resulting system tend to have more objects. View Answer

  • 15 A _____composition is used where each part may belong to only one whole at a time View Answer

  • 16 _____Aggregation used when life of object is independent of container object But still container object owns the aggregated object. View Answer

  • 17 _____Association is used when one object wants another object to perform a service for it and is represented by a line in class diagram. View Answer

  • 18 Program to an _____interface, not to an implementation is a OO principle for GoF patterns. View Answer

  • 19 One major OO principle says that favor _____Composition over Inheritance View Answer

  • 20 A recurring solution to the problem of design is also known as _____Design pattern View Answer

  • 21 _____Design patterns identify, name and abstract common themes in object oriented design. They capture the intent behind a design by identifying objects, collaborations and distribution of responsibilities. View Answer

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