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Fill in Blanks Questions for Design Principles

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  • 1 A good _____pattern is a named and well-known problem/solution pair that can be applied in new contexts, with advice on how to apply it in novel situations and discussion of its trade-offs, implementations, variations, and so forth. View Answer

  • 2 The _____Glossary clarifies details of data coming in from the UI layer, data being passed to the database, and detailed item-specific logic or validation requirements View Answer

  • 3 The _____Supplementary Specification defines the non-functional goals, such as internalization, which the objects must satisfy. View Answer

  • 4 _____ Low Coupling principle of GRASP tends to reduce the time, effort, and defects in modifying a software. View Answer

  • 5 The critical design tool for _____software development is a mind well educated in design principles View Answer

  • 6 _____Indirection__ avoid direct coupling and assign responsibilities to an intermediate object. View Answer

  • 7 In GRASP the _____low coupling principle encourage that there should be MINIMUM direct calls between objects View Answer

  • 8 Fundamental object design requires knowledge of _____GRASP principles and _____design patterns View Answer

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