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Fill in Blanks Questions for Domain Model

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  • 1 _____Domain Model lower the gap between software representation and our mental model of the system View Answer

  • 2 _____Description class contains information that describe something else. i.e. Product Description [price, picture, textual description of item] View Answer

  • 3 To avoid visual noise using _____ n(n-1)/2 association where n is number of conceptual classes. View Answer

  • 4 In domain model association is a _____semantic relationship between two or more classifiers that involve connections among their instances View Answer

  • 5 Each concept in Domain Model doesn't have _____Methods/Responsiblites__ represented. View Answer

  • 6 Domain Models alternative _____Textual form___. View Answer

  • 7 According to UML notation Domain Model is represented with the help of _____Class Diagram___ in starUML CASE tool. View Answer

  • 8 _____Domain model is very important model in OO Analysis View Answer

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