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Fill in Blanks Questions for System Sequence Diagram (SSD)

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  • 1 Filled arrow to the System for a system event shows that it is _____synchronous in system sequence diagram. View Answer

  • 2 SSDs diagram will be clearer if the name of a system event starts with a _____verb. View Answer

  • 3 To capture each scenario in a single diagram we should draw its _____System sequence diagram. View Answer

  • 4 Software system reacts to external events from _____actor, timer events and _____faults or exceptions. View Answer

  • 5 SSDs are derived from _____use cases section of fully dressed use cases. View Answer

  • 6 _____System Sequence DiagramHelps in identifying the messages that go into one software object. View Answer

  • 7 The UML includes _____sequence diagrams as a notation that can illustrate actor interactions and the operations initiated by them View Answer

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