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Open its course - Software Construction

Fill in Blanks Questions for Collaborating Construction

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  • 1 In pair programming the readability and understandability of the code doesn’t rise to the level of the best _____programmer on the team. View Answer

  • 2 Software _____standards_ can be written down and distributed, but if no one talks about them or encourages others to use them, they won’t be followed. View Answer

  • 3 If you’re choosing a review standard for your organization, choose_____ inspections first unless you have good reason not to. View Answer

  • 4 The cost of full-up pair programming is _____higher than the cost of solo development. View Answer

  • 5 The primary purpose of collaborative construction is to improve _____software quality. View Answer

  • 6 If the design or code under inspection turns out to be unclear, the _____author will be assigned the job of making it clearer. View Answer

  • 7 The benefit of collaborative construction is that it decreases development _____time, which in turn lowers development costs. View Answer

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