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Multiple Choice Questions for Android Background Processing

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  • 1 Which of the following is appropriate when the app (music-playback app) needs to have precise control over when the work stops and starts.
    1. Foreground services
    2. JobWorker
    3. JobScheduler
    4. AlarmManager

  • 2 The system does not allow JobScheduler to run in
    1. App Standby Buckets
    2. Doze mode
    3. Lock mode
    4. Sleep mode

  • 3 To maximize battery and enforce good app behavior, Android restricts background work when the app is not visible to the user via:
    1. Doze mode
    2. Limited implicit broadcasts
    3. Limits on background location access
    4. App Standby Buckets
    5. All of above
    6. None of above

  • 4 ______ services are visible to users via a non-dismissible notification in the notification tray.
    1. Bounded
    2. Foreground
    3. Background
    4. All of above

  • 5 Android ________ introduced App Standby Buckets, in which app requests for resources are dynamically prioritized based on app usage patterns.
    1. 6.0
    2. 7.0 (API level 24)
    3. 9 (API level 28)
    4. 10.0 (API level 29)

  • 6 Which of the following restricts app behavior when the screen is off and the device is stationary.
    1. Doze mode
    2. Standby
    3. Both
    4. None

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