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Open its course - Android Development

Multiple Choice Questions for Resources Access and Organization

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  • 1 In strings.xml file there is a resource with name= "message", To use this in the activity xml file you can access its value with ________.
    1. @string-message
    2. string/message
    3. @strings/message
    4. @string/message

  • 2 If you have two different version of the icon.png file in android app, if one is normal under res/drawable directory then its another hdpi version should be under ________ directory.
    1. res/drawable/hdpi
    2. res/drawable-hdpi
    3. drawable/hdpi
    4. layout/drawable-hdpi

  • 3 Which of the following are sub-folder of values folder in android project.
    1. bools.xml
    2. arrays.xml
    3. dimens.xml
    4. strings.xml
    5. All of Above
    6. None of Above

  • 4 Resource arrays are stored in strings.xml and accessed from the _____ class.
    1. R.dimen
    2. R.array
    3. R.integer
    4. R.style

  • 5 XML files that define a user interface are saved in res/_____/ and accessed from the R.layout class.
    1. menu
    2. raw
    3. drawable
    4. layout

  • 6 XML files that define animations related properties are saved in res/_____/ folder and accessed from the R.______ class.
    1. drawable
    2. anim
    3. layout
    4. raw

  • 7 Android manage resources separately in various sub-directories under _____ directory of the project.
    1. src
    2. manifest
    3. res
    4. lib

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