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Multiple Choice Questions for Iterator

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  • 1 In the context of the Iterator pattern, what is the role of the 'ConcreteIterator' class?
    1. It defines the interface for creating concrete iterators.
    2. It represents the collection to be iterated.
    3. It maintains the current position within the collection.
    4. It defines the structure of the elements in the collection.
    The 'ConcreteIterator' class maintains the current position within the collection being iterated and provides the mechanisms for moving to the next element.

  • 2 Which design pattern is often used in conjunction with the Iterator pattern to provide a way to access elements of an aggregate object sequentially?
    1. Singleton pattern
    2. Observer pattern
    3. Factory Method pattern
    4. Composite pattern
    The Composite pattern is commonly used with the Iterator pattern to represent hierarchical structures where both individual objects and compositions of objects can be treated uniformly.

  • 3 What is the main purpose of the Iterator design pattern?
    1. To iterate over a collection without exposing its underlying representation.
    2. To provide a way to create new objects based on existing ones.
    3. To encapsulate the construction of complex objects.
    4. To implement a factory method for object creation.
    The Iterator design pattern is used to traverse a collection without exposing its internal structure, making it easier to change the collection's implementation without affecting the client code.

  • 4 An iterator keeps track of its own traversal state. Therefore you can have ___________ traversal in progress at once.
    1. One
    2. more than one
    3. no

  • 5 In Iterator pattern more than one traversal can be _______ on an aggregate.
    1. pending
    2. restricted
    3. Both a and b
    4. None

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