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Multiple Choice Questions for UML State Diagrams

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  • 1 UML State diagram should be created for which type of objects?
    1. state-independent objects
    2. Any objects with complex behavior
    3. state-dependent objects with complex behavior
    4. state-independent objects with simple behavior

  • 2 If an object always responds the same way to an event, then it is considered ______ with respect to that event.
    1. state-independent
    2. state-dependent
    3. stateful
    4. None

  • 3 When the event "answer call" occurs, it transition the cell phone from the "idle" to "active" state. This is an example of
    1. transition
    2. state
    3. event
    4. object behavior

  • 4 Number of options in the < select > element can be found by the property:
    1. UML Activity Diagram
    2. UML State Diagram
    3. Class Diagram
    4. Interaction Diagram

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