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Open its course - Wireless Networks

Multiple Choice Questions for WiMAX (4G Networks)

  • 1 In fractional frequency reuse, users close to BS use;
    1. A fraction of available sub-channels
    2. All frequency sub-channels
    3. Some of frequency sub-channels

  • 2 Which of the following is not a valid sub carrier in WiMAX?
    1. Data Sub carrier
    2. Guard Sub carrier
    3. Pilot Sub carrier
    4. AC Sub carrier

  • 3 Which of the following statement is not true about WiMAX?
    1. Higher frequencies allow more frequency reuse
    2. Adaptive Antenna System
    3. Unscalable
    4. Adaptive Modulation and Coding

  • 4 Which of the following modulation/encoding technique is not used at WiMAX physical layer?
    1. BPSK
    2. QAM-64
    3. QAM-16
    4. NR-Z

  • 5 In WiMAX the sub-channelization results in;
    1. Frequncy Diversity
    2. Interference diversity
    3. High bandwidth granularity
    4. All of these options

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