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Short Questions for Search Engine Optimization

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  • 1 How to add structured data to your web page?

    Google covers this with a nice example on "Add structured data to your web pages"

  • 2 What are some useful links for SEO?

  • 3 What includes in SEO growth strategy?

    At least the following: 

    1. Know your target audience 
    2. Define your objectives 
    3. Categorize keywords 
    4. Track data and results.

  • 4 How to find the search engine optimized keywords for my web blog?

    Apart from other strategies one shortcut way to find the best keywords for your web blog is: 

    1. Search the keyword or a sentence in google.com For example "Software Engineering" 
    2. Open any result of first page. For my query I found the first result on https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Software_engineering and second on https://www.techopedia.com/definition/13296/software-engineering 
    3. Paste the URL in any Top Page finder online tool e.g. https://app.neilpatel.com/en/traffic_analyzer/top_pages 
    4. Open the highest estimated visitors link to view the related keywords you can top rank your web blog. 
    5. You may get the option to download the list of related keywords, Download the list and optimize your blog accordinly.

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