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Short Questions for Domain Model

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  • 1 Mention at least five categories to find conceptual classes in domain model using the categorization technique.


    1. Business Transactions e.g. Sale, Payment, Reservation
    2. Transaction line items e.g. Sales Line Item
    3. Product or service related to a transaction or transaction line item
    4. Where is the transaction recorded e.g. Register, Ledger
    5. Roles of people or organization e.g. Cashier, Customer, Store
    6. Place of transaction e.g. Store
    7. Noteworthy events with time and place e.g. Sale, Payment
    8. Physical objects e.g. Item, Register

  • 2 Write the names with example of at least seven categories through which we can find concepts in domain model.

    TODO: Coming soon

  • 3 Write the guidelines for domain model?


    • Keeping the bottom and right sides of the class boxes open to easily grow the class on attributes
    • Maintain domain model in a tool
    • Report objects
      • Receipt
      • Help in return process
    • Think like a mapmaker
      • Use existing names in the territory
      • Exclude out of scope features
      • Do not add things that are not there
    • For unreal work listen carefully to the core vocabulary and concepts that are used by the domain experts
      • Telecommunications
      • Avoid making attribute while it should be a conceptual class
    • If X is not a number or text in the real world then X could be conceptual class not an attribute
    • Model with description classes
      • Description class contains information that describe something else. i.e. Product Description [price, picture, textual description of item]

  • 4 Briefly define elaboration phase.


    Build the core architecture, resolve the high risk elements, define most requirements and estimate the overall schedule and resources.

  • 5 What is a domain model?

    Domain model is also called conceptual model. It is a visual representation of domain Concepts in a Domain , Attributes of concepts and the association of concepts. It doesn't include the responsibilities of concepts.

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