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Short Questions for Logical Architecture and UML Package Diagrams

  • 1 Discuss the notations of UML package diagram with the help of a simple diagram.

    Image to be added soon from text book figure 13.3

  • 2 Differentiate between the strict and relaxed type of layered architecture.

    In a strict layered architecture, a layer only calls upon the services of the layer directly below it. This design is common in network protocol stacks, but not in information systems.

    In relaxed layered architecture a higher layer calls upon several lower layers. For example, the UI layer may call upon its directly subordinate application logic layer, and also upon elements of a lower technical service layer, for logging and so forth.

  • 3 What is logical architecture. Does this include any decisions about the deployment of the software?

    The large-scale organization of the software classes into packages (or namespaces), subsystems, and layers is called logical architecture. 

     No, In package diagram there are no decision about how these elements are deployed across different operating system processes or across physical computers in a network .

  • 4 Describe Layers and Partitions?

    The layers of an architecture are said to represent the vertical slices and support separation of concenrs at larg scale. While Partitions represent a horizontal division of relatively parallel subsystems of a layer.

  • 5 What is Software Architecture?

    An architecture is: 

    • the set of significant decisions about the organization of a software system
    • the selection of the structural elements and their interfaces by which the system is composed, together with their behavior as specified in the collaborations among those elements,
    • the composition of these structural and behavioral elements into progressively larger subsystems, and 
    • the architectural style that guides this organization these elements and their interfaces, their collaborations, and their composition.

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