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Short Questions for Object Designing

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    Some short questions are not visible. Usually teachers hides their visibility if they are few in number. Subject Expert recommends them to have more than 70+ questions against the topic and make them public.

  • 1 Low cohesive objects suffer from which problems?

    Low cohesive objects suffer from the following problems: hard to comprehend hard to reuse hard to maintain delicate; constantly affected by change Low cohesion classes often represent a very "large grain" of abstraction or have taken on responsibilities that should have been delegated to other objects.

  • 2 Describe what includes in the knowing and doing responsibilities of software objects?

    Doing responsibilities of an object includes: 

    • doing something itself, such as creating an object or doing a calculation 
    • initiating action in other objects 
    • controlling and coordinating activities in other objects 

     Knowing responsibilities of an object includes: 
    •  knowing about private encapsulated data 
    •  knowing about related objects 
    •  knowing about things it can derive or calculate

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