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Open its course - Software Engineering

Short Questions for Software Design

  • 1 Define separation of concerns.

    Separation of concerns suggests that any complex problem can be more easily handled if it is subdivided into pieces that can each be solved and/or optimized independently. Where concern is a feature or behaviour that is specified as part of the requirements model for the software. This separating of concerns into smaller, and therefore more manageable pieces, a problem takes less effort and time to solve.

  • 2 Define procedural abstraction. Give an example.

    A procedural abstraction refers to a sequence of instructions that have a specific and limited function.

    • An example of a procedural abstraction would be the word open for a door. Open implies a long sequence of procedural steps (e.g., walk to the door, reach out and grasp knob, turn the knob and pull door, step away from moving door, etc.

  • 3 Write the four steps of software design?

    1. Software architecture of the software must be represented. 2. Then, the interfaces that connect the software to end users, to other systems and devices 3. And, its own constituent components are modelled. 4. Finally, the software components that are used to construct the systems are designed.

  • 4 What are the steps to design a software?


    Software Designing Steps 

    1. Software architecture of the system must be represented. 
    2. Then, the interfaces that connect the software to end users, to other systems and devices, and 
    3. Its own constituent components are modeled. 
    4. Finally, the software components that are used to construct the system are designed. 
      • Each component represent different design action, but all must conform to a set of basic design concepts that guide software design work.

  • 5 What is design? Briefly describe how software principles help in software design.

    Software design includes Set of principles, concepts, and practices that lead to the development of a high-quality system. It’s where you stand with a foot in two worlds—the world of technology and the world of people and human purposes—and you try to bring the two together

    Design principles establish an dominant viewpoint that guides you in the design work you must perform.

  • 6 What are the four areas of software design model?

    Design Model consist of the following four areas: 

    1. Data/Class design 
      • Transforms class models into class diagram with the data structures required to implement the software. 
    2. Architectural design 
      • Defines the relationship between major structural elements, architectural styles and design patterns used to achieve the requirements defined for the system 
    3. Interface design 
      • Describes how the software communicates with systems that interoperate with it, and with humans who use it. 
    4. Component design 
      • Transforms structural elements of the software architecture into a procedural description of software components.

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