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  1. Students are auto-evaluated against related topics to ensure they learned it.

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A dedicated team of professionals in development, teaching and social analysis to find the best possible ways for providing you context-sensitive information and optimize the process of learning, taking exams and help students by telling them their weak topics in a course/subject.

Problems in Education System for All, By Subject Expert Admin

Our first priority is to address three major problems in the education system:

  1. Lack of standards enforcement: Every university teaches the same course with variable outlines. Students remain ignorant about the basic, average and advanced topics in a specific lecture. With different expertise of the teaching staff, it is difficult to manually ensure that all universities are teaching a course at the same level. Although in Pakistan Higher Education Commission (HEC) has setup the course level and program level objectives for most of the disciplines but lacks real-time automatic tracking system to determine how much the objectives are met. Sometime in the same university teachers are not synced up on the same course outlines.
  2. Burden on Teaching Staff: Evaluating a class with 30+ students on a few lectures via quiz/exam roughly requires more than 2 hours. Enforced learning via frequent quizzes and assignments is even a bigger challenge in the private sector universities for teaching staff. More exam and assignment without any automated solution increases their burden when they want to determine their students learning and weakness statistics.
  3. Low Students Satisfaction: Students usually enter for a professional degree in universities from the yearly exam system, which is far different from the semester system. They need to learn on the spot in classes and clear their concepts. Moreover when they are evaluated via our exam system, it does not help them to identify their weak areas in subject and then focus on them.

Our Mission for All, By Subject Expert Admin

We want to overcome the above problems by achieving first the following three main objectives:

  1. Biring standards enforcement: Subject expert is trying to enforce standardization across the universities with its real time flexible evaluation system.
  2. Ease Teaching Staff Workload: Teachers can take MCQs, True/Fale and Fill in Blacks based quiz from their classes in less than 5 minutes with automated results and statistics on the spot.
  3. Students Satisfaction: We help the students with a question based learning online and also provides them statistics on their weak topics of the course.

Subject Expert Stackholders for All, By Subject Expert Admin

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About Us Evaluation

To earn PASS status, system is about to evaluate you using multiple choice questions (MCQs) and True/False type questions.

  • Make sure you have learned this lecture along with its topics and tutorials.
  • On first evaluation you get 100% marks on correct answer, then on 2nd you get 95% marks and so on.
  • Answer the questions with a gap NOT MORE THAN A MINUTE, Otherwise it will re-start.

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