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Software Design and Architecture

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Course Objectives

CLO-1 Discuss software design principles and its processes.
CLO-2 Demonstrate various software architecture styles and patterns using modeling tools.
CLO-3 Compare different software architectures and their processes.
CLO-4 Select an appropriate design pattern for an application.
CLO-5 Create an application using an appropriate design pattern in a team environment.

This course provides understanding towards software design, architecture styles and design patterns. Topics include: 

  • Software Design Principles & Processes
  • Software Architectures
  • Middleware Architecture
  • Service Oriented Architecture
  • Micro Services Architecture
  • Software Architecture Processes & Documentation
  • Plan Driven Software Design
  • Designing with Patterns and 
  • Components & Services.

Discussion and Collaboration


  1. Software Design: Creating Solutions for ill Structured Problems, Budgen, D., CRC Press, 2021. 
  2. Essential Software Architecture, Gorton, I., Springer – Verlag, 2011. 
  3. Software Architecture and Design Illuminated, Qian, K., Fu, X., Tao, L., & Xu, C., Jones & Bartlett Learning, MA, 2009. 
Reference Books: 
  1. Engineering Software Products: An Introduction to Modern Software Engineering, Sommerville, I., Global Edition Pearson Education, 2020. 
  2. Software Architecture in Practice, Bass L., Clements P. & Kazman R., Addison-Wesley, 2013


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Category: Computer Science

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