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Web Engineering

Also known as: Web Development Web Technologies

Course Objectives

CSC336 – Web Engineering

Bachelors of Science in Computer Science


Students are introduced to the concept of software systems through a detail study of modern web applications. Focus on client/server systems that use a web browser as the client, and deliver dynamic content over the Internet. Students will learn the concepts of software systems and engineering as they pertain to the creation of web applications. Web systems are decomposed as a network of multiple, distributed software systems, and students will learn to identify the various subsystems and their roles. Various approaches to web application development are discussed. Case studies include: the encapsulation of legacy systems; e-commerce websites; Internet spiders; and search engine systems.

The first part focus on developing the understanding of the web engineering paradigm, related networking details and environments. Enable students to construct and manage static websites.

In the second part students will develop dynamic web applications having complex functional features. Introducing and practicing the available development tools and their utilization aspects. To make student apt enough for conversion of any web problem into a practically feasible web solution

The overall course will focus on both theoretical and practical aspects of web engineering through a software development methodology.

Text Books

  1. Web Engineering: The Discipline of Systematic Development of Web Applications
Gerti Kappel, Birgit Proll, Siegfried Reich,Werner Retschitzegger
  1. ASP.Net 4.5 using C# by wrox (Latest ver)

Other Books

  1. JAVA SCRIPT and Jscript. By: Jawaroski
  1. Web enabled Commercial Application Development Using HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, Perl, CGI By: Ivan Bayross


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Cooperating Teachers:

Mir Muhammad Suleman Sarwar
kashif nasr
Mukhtiar Zamin
Dr. Faiz Shah

Category: Computer Science

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