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Open its course - Software Construction

Fill in Blanks Questions for Introduction to Software Construction

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  • 1 One of the source of performance problems is _____ in the code. View Answer

  • 2 One of the source of performance problems is _____error___ in the code. View Answer

  • 3 Metaphors help you understand the software _____development_ process by relating it to other upstream and downstream activities. View Answer

  • 4 An _____algorithm gives you the instructions directly. A _____heuristic tells you how to discover the instructions for yourself, or at least where to look for them. View Answer

  • 5 _____Construction_ is the only activity that’s guaranteed to be done on every project. View Answer

  • 6 Software construction is 30 to _____80 percent of the total time of software development. View Answer

  • 7 Construction accounts for about _____50 to _____75 percent on medium and large projects. View Answer

  • 8 Software _____construction helps in the transition from an academic environment to a professional one. View Answer

  • 9 In software construction, we have to tune the _____code to make it faster and use fewer resources. View Answer

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