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Open its course - Software Construction

Fill in Blanks Questions for Refactoring

  • 1 Substitute a _____simple algorithm for a _____complex algorithm. View Answer

  • 2 It is important to _____save_ the code before you begin on refactoring the code? View Answer

  • 3 When you revisit a section of code that uses _____Global variable, take time to re-examine them. View Answer

  • 4 _____Duplicated code always represents a failure to fully factor the design in the first place. View Answer

  • 5 One key to success in refactoring is learning to pay attention to the numerous _____warning signs that indicate a need to refactor. View Answer

  • 6 The _____Cardinal_ rule of software evolution is that internal quality should _____improve with code evolution. View Answer

  • 7 When we have class with _____ multiple areas of responsibility, break the class into multiple classes, such that each one has a clearly defined responsibility. View Answer

  • 8 If a routine needs more information from its caller, add a _____parameter View Answer

  • 9 Spend your time on the _____20% of the refactoring that provide _____80% of the benefit. View Answer

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