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Open its course - Software Engineering

Fill in Blanks Questions for Software Design

  • 1 A software quality attribute, _____Performance__ is considering processing speed, response time, resource consumption, throughput, and efficiency of the software. View Answer

  • 2 _____Usability_ is considering human factors, overall aesthetics, consistency, and documentation in FURPS. View Answer

  • 3 _____Refactoring is a reorganization technique that simplifies the _____design (or code) of a component without changing its function or behaviour. View Answer

  • 4 Modularity is the result of a principle called _____separation of concerns. View Answer

  • 5 Software Design must implement all of the _____requirements contained in the requirements model. View Answer

  • 6 _____Reliability is measuring the frequency and severity of the failure, the accuracy of output results, and the mean-time-to-failure (MTTF). View Answer

  • 7 In software design model, _____interface___ design describes how the software communicates with systems that inter-operate with it, and with humans who use it. View Answer

  • 8 Software _____interfaces_ connects the software to end users and to other systems and devices. View Answer

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