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Fill in Blanks Questions for Intro to Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)

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  • 1 To display the text of a span with green border of 3px width at the bottom only the css will be: _____border-bottom: 3px solid green;_ View Answer

  • 2 CSS _____border: 1px black dashed; will display a dashed border with 1px width of line in black color. View Answer

  • 3 The selector "_____p.pageOne:first-letter {font-size:45px;}" will select the first letter in the paragraph with a class "pageOne" to set its font size to 45px. View Answer

  • 4 To set 5px space between the letters of all words we use the css text property: _____letter-spacing:5px; View Answer

  • 5 The CSS property "_____text-indent_ = 5em;" applied on a paragraph will shift it to right by 5em units. View Answer

  • 6 To draw a line on the text using CSS, we have to use "tex-decoration = _____overline". View Answer

  • 7 The css rule [ p {  text-align: center;    color: red;}] is an example of _____element/type_ selector in CSS? View Answer

  • 8 The style definitions are normally saved in externa files having extension _____.css View Answer

  • 9 The _____declaration part of the css rule sets out how the elements referred to in the selector should be styled. View Answer

  • 10 The _____selector_ part of CSS rule indicates which element or elements the declaration applies to (if it applies to more than one element, you can have a comma - separated list of several elements). View Answer

  • 11 To control the amount of space between items on the page we use _____CSS. View Answer

  • 12 A CSS file is _____Cached when we load a web page. View Answer

  • 13 If some properties have been set for the same selector in different style sheets, the values will be _____inherited from the more specific style sheet View Answer

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