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Open its course - Android Development

Multiple Choice Questions for Android Intent and Filters

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  • 1 In AndroidManifest.xml file ______ is the root element with package attribute.
    1. manifest
    2. application
    3. activity
    4. intent

  • 2 _________ will be in key-value pairs for additional information that should be delivered to the component handling the intent.
    1. Category
    2. Extras
    3. Flags
    4. None

  • 3 Which action for Intent Object will display the phone dialer with the given number filled in?

  • 4 Which of the following represent is a bundle of information used by the android component and by the Android system.
    1. Service
    2. Intent
    3. Extras
    4. Bundle

  • 5 With android Intent you can:
    1. Launch an Activity
    2. Start a service
    3. Broadcast a message
    4. All of above
    5. None of These

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