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Open its course - Database Systems

Multiple Choice Questions for Data Manipulation Language (DML)

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  • 1 Which of the following keyword is used while replacing the values of the column.
    1. Set
    2. Alter
    3. Edit
    4. Sets

  • 2 To remove the record of an employee with id 0333 the SQL query will be: "_____ * From Employee where id="0333"; "
    1. DELETE
    2. Query has issue
    4. None

  • 3 How to make it sure that a column will accept only unique value?
    1. Make it Primary Key
    2. Append column with UNIQUE
    3. Use UNIQUE anywhere after column name
    4. All of Above

  • 4 A column have data type as "Date", which of the following value will not be accepted by the column?
    1. 12-15-2016
    2. 15-12-2016
    3. 12/15/2015
    4. 12/3/2015

  • 5 In SQL, which of the following is not a data Manipulation Language Commands?
    1. Delete
    2. Truncate
    3. Update
    4. Create

  • 6 Which SQL keyword is used to retrieve only unique values?
    2. INSERT
    3. ADD
    4. MOVE

  • 7 Which type of join includes, not only those matched rows from the left side table, but also those rows of the right table that are unmatched with rows from the first (left) table.
    1. Left outer Join
    2. Right Outer Join
    3. Inner Join
    4. Join

  • 8 Which of the following multiple row functions are not supported by SQL Server 2008?
    1. AVG
    2. SUM
    3. COUNT
    4. LAST

  • 9 The sql statement “ Insert into studentsTable ( name, age) values ( ‘ Ali ’ ) ”, contains error. Which one best option of the following can be applied to remove the error, and to save the value(s) in studentsTable?
    1. Remove age field
    2. Add value of age in values
    3. Both of above
    4. None of above

  • 10 If a doctor has one or more specializations which type of attribute is needed to store data of specializations of a single doctor?
    1. Simple attribute
    2. Composite attribute
    3. Multi-valued attribute
    4. Derived attribute

  • 11 To display data from four tables which have linked records through primary key and foreign key relationships in the database, what exact number of join conditions are needed in the query?
    1. 4 join conditions
    2. 3 join conditions
    3. 2 join conditions
    4. None of above

  • 12 If a tuple of a parent relation is deleted, referential integrity is lost if there exists a child tuple referencing the deleted parent tuple. In order to maintain the integrity, there are several strategies we can consider which of the following?

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