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Open its course - Database Systems

Multiple Choice Questions for Introduction to Databases

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    ڈیٹا بیس کیا ہے؟
    1. ذخیرہ
    2. منظم ذخیرہ
    3. پتہ نہیں

  • 2 Logically related data comprises entities, attributes, and relationships of an organization information is called:
    1. Metadata
    2. Database
    3. Data
    4. Information

  • 3 __________ is a data structure and management system designed to support OLAP and data mining.
    1. Data Mining
    2. Database
    3. Data Warehouse
    4. Database system

  • 4 Collection of known and useful raw facts that has some meaning and can be processed in useful way is:
    1. management oriented facts
    2. updated facts
    3. data
    4. recorded facts

  • 5 In a database, logically related data comprises which of the following of an organization's information?
    1. Entities
    2. Attributes
    3. Relationships
    4. All of the above

  • 6 If a failure occurs during a transaction, then database should be restored to a
    1. Consistent state
    2. As is state
    3. Null state
    4. No data state

  • 7 If data are to be shared among several users, the system must avoid:
    1. Anomalous results
    2. Data consistency
    3. Concurrency
    4. Data Integrity

  • 8 A collection of facts from which conclusions may be drawn is:
    1. data
    2. infromation
    3. datamining
    4. database

  • 9 “Data that describe the properties or characteristics of end-user data, and the context of that data”. Which of the following best describe the above statement?
    1. Database
    2. Data
    3. Metadata
    4. Information

  • 10 Search for trends in large amounts of data is called:
    1. Data System
    2. Database System
    3. Data Mining
    4. Data Warehouse

  • 11 A software system that enables users to define, create, and maintain the database and which provides controlled access to this database is:
    1. Management System
    2. Database Management System (DBMS)
    3. Operating System
    4. None

  • 12 A shared collection of logically related data (and a description of this data), designed to meet the information needs of an organization is:
    1. Information
    2. Database
    3. Data
    4. MetaData

  • 13 Data that is organized, meaningful, and useful is called:
    1. Data
    2. Information
    3. Un processed data
    4. Meta Data

  • 14 Data that have been processed in such a way that the knowledge of the person who uses the data is increased is:
    1. Data
    2. Meta Data
    3. Information
    4. Database

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