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Multiple Choice Questions for Relational Algebra

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  • 1 Which of the following is a unary operation in relational algebra?
    1. Union
    2. Set Difference
    3. Projection
    4. Intersection

  • 2 Relational Algebra is a __________ query language that takes two relation as input and produces another relation as output of the query.
    1. Relational
    2. Structural
    3. Procedural
    4. Fundamental

  • 3 The _______ join can have all the six operators i.e. =, <>, >, <, >= and <=
    1. theta
    2. natural
    3. semi
    4. Equi

  • 4 Which type join defines a relation that contains the tuples of R that participate in the join of R with S.
    1. Semijoin
    2. Natural join
    3. Outer join
    4. Theta join

  • 5 _______ is an Equijoin of the two relations R and S over all common attributes x. One occurrence of each common attribute is eliminated from the result.?
    1. Equijoin
    2. Theta join
    3. Natural join
    4. Semijoin

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