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Open its course - Software Engineering

Multiple Choice Questions for Software Design

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  • 1 Software design is an ______ process through which requirements are translated into a “blueprint” for constructing the software
    1. sequential
    2. iterative
    3. Both a & b
    4. None of Above

  • 2 ________ design defines the relationship between major structural elements, architectural styles and design patterns to achieve the system requirements.
    1. Data/Class
    2. Architecture
    3. Interface
    4. Component

  • 3 In software design model, _______ design transforms class models into class diagram with the data structures required to implement the software.
    1. Data/Class
    2. Architectural
    3. Interface
    4. Component

  • 4 If a program is suitable for the purposes for which it was intended, then program exhibits ________.
    1. Firmness
    2. Commodity
    3. Delight
    4. None

  • 5 A program should not have any bugs that inhibit its function is called:
    1. Firmness
    2. Commodity
    3. Delight
    4. None

  • 6 Software _____ creates a representation or model of the software and provides detail about software architecture, data structures, interfaces, and components that are necessary to implement the system.
    1. Planning
    2. Analysis
    3. Design
    4. Coding

  • 7 Software design will develop a high quality system if it includes:
    1. Set of principles
    2. Design Concepts
    3. Design Practices
    4. All of Above
    5. None of Above

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