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Open its course - Web Engineering

Multiple Choice Questions for Document Object Model and Basics of Javascript

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  • 1 Number of options in the < select > element can be found by the property:
    1. length
    2. size
    3. getLength()
    4. getSize()

  • 2 Which DOM method allows you to add text or elements into a document, but adds a new line at the end of the output
    1. writein(string)
    2. write(string)
    3. alert(string)
    4. alertn(string)

  • 3 Which of the following will tell about the last modified date of the document.
    1. lastModified.document
    2. document.lastModified
    3. document.lastModifiedDate
    4. lastModified

  • 4 Which object in the DOM have button, checkbox, input etc controls?
    1. Image
    2. Form
    3. Link
    4. Applet

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