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Open its course - Web Engineering

Multiple Choice Questions for Introduction to Web Engineering

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  • 1 What was the initial objective of web engineering?
    1. Storing of Information
    2. Easy creation of information
    3. Sharing of information
    4. Both b and c only

  • 2 Web application development is not simple because of
    1. lack of resources
    2. rapidly changing technologies
    3. complex syntax
    4. all of above

  • 3 When the first workshop on Web Engineering was held in Brisbane, Australia, in conjunction with the World Wide Web Conference (WWW7)
    1. 1999
    2. 1997
    3. 1998
    4. 1996

  • 4 Traditional legacy information systems and database systems are being progressively migrated to which of the following?
    1. Digital Systems
    2. Networks
    3. Web
    4. Servers

  • 5 Registration forms, customized information presentation, online games are examples of which web apps category?
    1. interactive
    2. Informational
    3. Transactional
    4. Workflow oriented

  • 6 The Online newspapers, product catalogs, newsletters, manuals, reports, online classifieds and online books comes under which web apps category?
    1. Transactional
    2. Informational
    3. Workflow oriented
    4. Collaborative work environment

  • 7 Modern Web applications run on distributed hardware and heterogeneous computer systems with redundancy to localized regions using
    1. Distributed Systems
    2. CDN
    3. Local Web Server
    4. None

  • 8 Which of the following became a mean of improvements, enhancement and extension for operation of enterprises like hospitals, banks, educational institutes etc.
    1. Softwares
    2. Hardwares
    3. Web/Internet
    4. None

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