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Open its course - Web Engineering

Multiple Choice Questions for Web Applications and Web Browser Architecture

  • 1 _____ server normally supplies an organization?s production data in structured form, e.g., in tables
    1. Client
    2. Legacy applicaiton
    3. Database server
    4. Media Server

  • 2 A piece of software regulating the communication between insecure networks (e.g., the Internet) and secure networks (e.g., corporate LANs) is called a
    1. Anti Virus
    2. Firewall
    3. Operating System
    4. Web application

  • 3 Distributed processes access common data on a shared memory in
    1. Virtual Shared Memory
    2. Distributed Object Middleware
    3. Peer to Peer
    4. Service Oriented Middleware

  • 4 Which category of architecture allows to access remote objects transparently and is based on the Remote Procedure Call (RPC) mechanism.
    1. Virtual Shared Memeory
    2. Distributed Object Middleware
    3. Message Oriented Middleware
    4. Peer to Peer

  • 5 Which of the following option makes a software system more understandable? 
    1. Code
    2. Architecture
    3. Developers
    4. Customer

  • 6 Which one is not a viewpoint of architecture?
    1. conceptual view
    2. runtime view
    3. process view
    4. none of above

  • 7 The architecture of an application is primarily influenced by
    1. Non functional requirements
    2. Stakeholders
    3. Functional requirements
    4. Developers

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