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Open its course - Database Systems

Short Questions for Introduction to Databases

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  • 1 Give at least 6 different examples of information systems which use/requires databases?


    1. Library catalogues
    2. Medical records
    3. Bank accounts
    4. Stock market data
    5. Personnel systems
    6. Product catalogues
    7. Telephone directories
    8. Train timetables
    9. Airline bookings
    10. Credit card details
    11. Student records
    12. Customer histories
    13. Stock market prices
    14. Discussion boards

  • 2 Why do we need to study database systems?


    We study databases for the following reasons:

    • To record large amounts of information generated by computing applications
    • It provides us a set of tools for storing, searching and managing this information.
    • Databases are a ‘core topic’ in computer science and IT.
    • Basic concepts and skills with database systems are part of the skill set you will be assumed to have as a CS and IT graduate.
    • Almost everything we see on a computer uses a DBMS.
    • Provides a way for relating data instead of doing it only through object oriented programming
    • MONEY and JOBS!

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