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True/False Questions for Agile Method and Unified Process

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  • 1 Inception is a requirements phase while elaboration is designing phase False View Answer

  • 2 Deployment and beta tests are done in transition phase of Unified Process True View Answer

  • 3 Tackle high-risk and high-value issues in early iterations is not a good practice in UP. False View Answer

  • 4 Agile process does not promote sustainable development. False View Answer

  • 5 The purpose of modeling and models is primarily to support understanding and communication, not documentation True View Answer

  • 6 The purpose of modeling (sketching UML, …) is primarily to document, not to understand. False View Answer

  • 7 In Elaboration phase of UP only identification of requirements and refinement of vision is done. False View Answer

  • 8 Change in the requirements is not acceptable in agile method False View Answer

  • 9 Best approach in Agile modeling is "Do not model alone" True View Answer

  • 10 Primary purpose of Agile Modeling includes documenting. False View Answer

  • 11 Agile process restricts change of/in requirements. False View Answer

  • 12 In Iterative development planning is performed only first iteration False View Answer

  • 13 Unified Process is very flexible and open, and encourages skillful practices. True View Answer

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