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Fill in Blanks Questions for Requirements in Web Engineering

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  • 1 The network operated with a technique called _____packet switching, in which digital data was sent in small bundles called packets. View Answer

  • 2 A _____bit is the smallest data item in a computer, it can assume the value 0 or 1. View Answer

  • 3 ARPA stands for _____Advanced Research Projects Agency View Answer

  • 4 The _____internet is a global network of computers which was made possible by the convergence of computing and communications technologies. View Answer

  • 5 Security and privacy needs are more demanding for _____web applications compared to desktop applications. View Answer

  • 6 The identification and involvement of stakeholders are _____central tasks_____ in web requirements. View Answer

  • 7 A _____requirement describes a property to be met or a service to be provided by a system. View Answer

  • 8 _____Stakeholders are people or organizations that have direct or indirect influence on the requirements of application. View Answer

  • 9 _____Constraints are non-negotiable conditions affecting a project e.g. the skill-level of the development team, the available budget, the delivery date etc. View Answer

  • 10 The deployment medium of web applications is quite _____different from that of traditional software View Answer

  • 11 Web applications constantly _____evolve View Answer

  • 12 _____Functional requirements define a system’s capabilities and services and _____Non-Functional requirement describe desired levels of quality. View Answer

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